Professor of History of Christianity
at the University of Catania
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Biographical Profile



Born at Monza, Italy, on September 26, 1939




1971 - 1987 Classical Lyceum of G. Berchet, Milan, Italy;

Instructor of Religion

1987 - Present University of Catania, School of Philosophy and Letters, Catania, Italy;


1988 - Present Papal School of Theology of Sicily, Catania/Palermo, Italy,

Adjunct Professor.




1958 Classical Lyceum of B. Zucchi, Monza, Italy;

Diploma (Maturità Classica)

1966 Gregorian University, Rome, Italy;

Doctor of Theology (STD).

1973 University of Milan, Milan, Italy,

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).




2000 Gold Medal of Recognition,

Classical Lyceum of B. Zucchi,

Monza, Italy.


Cultural Objectives


To place in evidence, through teaching and writing, the cultural markings of contemporary Christianity as they relate to university studies in philosophy and literature.

In particular:

- To examine in detail, both on an historical and an exegetical level, the original tenets of Christianity in order to evaluate them accurately notwithstanding the different manner in which they have been presented through time;

- To identify the nexus between different Christian traditions and European cultural life as revealed in its philosophy,literature, art, jurisprudence, and economics;

- To demonstrate the relevance of Christianity to the demands of intellectual freedom, moral consciousness, and social action;

- To confirm the entirely human character of fundamental Christianity as seen in relation to other religions and world visions.