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[Letture dal Nuovo Testamento], IPL, Milano 1980, pp. 158


The Apocalypse or Book of Revelation, the last book of the New Testament, is a book of hope, courage, and trust. Once the key to understanding its imagery terrifying at times is found, it can be seen as a message of joy far beyond any suffering. Great as the force of evil may be in this world, the spiritual victory of the Lamb is even greater. Oppressive and monstrous as evil may be, it is inevitably overcome by conversion to moral steadfastness. The disciples of the Lamb, trusting in his example, continually share in his victory over evil. The Apocalypse develops and completes the theology of the Gospel of John, which speaks principally to the interior life of the individual disciple. This book, which reveals the fate of mankind and the world, confronts instead the greatest problems of society. Above all, it demonstrates that, even in the amidst of the most terrifying manifestations of evil, one's personal faith in the good, one's moral actions, one's confidence in the struggle for lasting values must remain steadfast.