Professor of History of Christianity
at the University of Catania
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IPL, Milano 2000, pp. 220


The Gospel of John lays out a path to truth and love. From a superficial faith which is enkindled by miraculous signs, one must pass to the discovery of the divine countenance, which appears only in the horror of the cross. The wine at Cana, the encounter with the Samaritan woman at the well, the recovery of good health, the multiplications of loaves, the sight for a blind man, the release of a friend from the tomb are all signs of a new birth possible for all. This new birth comes about in the depth of the individual person, who is led through the kingdom of death to the discovery of the real reasons for life. In this prolonged learning experience, the disciples are expected to discovery how to recognize where God dwells. Jesus is their master. In Him the wisdom of Israel is dressed in its ultimate garb human flesh animated with the Spirit of life. Here the circle is finally enclosed. What started at the beginning and runs to the end is made one in Him. Every passage of this account takes on a special significance and springs to life in the experience of the reader, who, even today, is called personally to question, to listen, to see, and to understand.